3 Things To Do Before Returning a Rental Jeep

3 Things To Do Before Returning a Rental Jeep

At the end of a fantastic road trip or off-road excursion in your Jeep rental, you need to do just a few things to wrap up the vacation. Save yourself from added fees with these three things to do before returning a rental Jeep.

1. Put Some Gas in the Tank

To avoid an additional charge, return your vehicle with the same amount of gas it had at the start of your rental period. Choose a gas station close to your rental return site so it’s easier for you to put the correct amount of gas in the tank. While you’re at the station, throw out any trash.

If you’re renting a Jeep in a more remote location, you might need to look up gas stations ahead of time. For example, if you book a Jeep in Telluride and Mountain Village, Diff. asks that you use one particular filling station, which has the only public car wash in the area. You can use the automatic car wash and fill up at the station; otherwise, we offer a wash and refuel service for a fee in this location.

2. Remove Your Personal Items

Another thing you should do before returning a rental Jeep is remove your personal items from the vehicle. Check the center console, door compartments, and glovebox for items such as sunglasses, electronic devices, and charging cords. Items occasionally fall to the floor, so remember to check under seats and between the seats and center console.

If you leave something behind in the rental car, you can submit a lost and found claim with the rental company. Contact the company to report the lost item and follow up regarding any developments.

3. Take Photos of the Interior and Exterior

Finally, take pictures of the interior and exterior of the Jeep. It’s a good idea to take photos when you first pick up your vehicle, too. This way, you have documentation of the vehicle before and after you use it.

Take photos of the windows, mirrors, tires, rims, bumpers, and fenders. Take photos of the dash, seats, and floormats as well. The company will charge a fee for any damage. If you’re permitted to bring a pet in the rental vehicle, keep in mind you might get an extra cleaning charge for excessive dirt and hair removal.

With a well-equipped vehicle from Diff., you can immerse yourself in Colorado’s legendary beauty. Explore the terrain in one of our Ridgway Jeep rentals, such as a Jeep Wrangler Sport or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Book your vehicle today to get your trip rolling.


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