3 Tips for Mapping Your Next Off-Road Trip

3 Tips for Mapping Your Next Off-Road Trip

The best adventures aren’t completely unplanned. Choose the right off-road trail based on your interests by using these three tips for mapping your next off-road trip.

1. Read Online Forums and Blogs

You can find essential information in online forums where people discuss off-roading; these provide opportunities to read and participate in large forums, such as those run by 4WD owners. Another option is to check out small regional forums, where locals and other knowledgeable people exchange information.

Blog posts are another rich resource. Enthusiastic off-roaders enjoy sharing their experiences and often include helpful information about places you’re likely considering. Use these resources to learn about landmarks, must-try experiences, over-hyped activities, and useful tips for driving the trails.

2. Check Out Government Websites

Another tip for mapping your next off-road trip is to check government websites. Federal, state, and municipal governments share essential information about off-road trails. Whether you want to visit a popular off-road trail or tour a lesser-known area, these sites are a gold mine of information.

Another bonus to using these sites is that they often include a list of things to do while in the area. If you need a breather from your time on the trail, you can get ideas for supporting the local economy from the town’s website.

3. Choose a Manageable Trail

For your safety and enjoyment, it’s essential you choose a manageable trail. Trail difficulty depends on several factors, including terrain type, gradation, and the presence of water.

Do your research to know the trail’s difficulty rating and what to expect. Off-road guidebooks, government-run websites, and forums for off-road adventure seekers will share this information.

Before you start your trip, study your map so you have a basic understanding of your journey. Download an offline version of the map in case you lose your internet connection, and always check for current trail conditions, weather, and new of other events like fires and trail damage.

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