Fall colors in Telluride, our favorite!

Fall in Telluride

Ask anyone in Colorado what their favorite time of year is and there’s a good chance it will overwhelmingly be “Fall.”

If you’ve never experienced the fall in Telluride, it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list. Because while the Southwest Colorado high country is absolutely beautiful in the summer, it’s even more stunning in the fall.

Leaves run the gamut of fall colors, holding vibrant reds, golds, greens and oranges for as far as the eye can see. Add in the surrounding high mountain peaks that are often snowcapped, and you’ve found some of the most picturesque landscapes in the United States.

You could cruise scenic byways, such as the Million Dollar Highway, and get the gist of what the area has to offer. Or, you could grab a Colorado 145 Jeep and actually head up into the high country that is offering up all of this beauty.

Late September through early October is primetime to experience the Colorado fall colors, making it the perfect opportunity to get out of the city and into a cozy corner of your favorite mountain state. Climbing through the mountains in colder weather is only made better with one of our Jeeps—heated leather seats, a roof over your head and satellite radio make sure you’re comfortable and capable, wherever you decide to go.

Last Dollar Road, which winds up past the Telluride Airport, takes you on a magical journey through a low valley filled with unforgettable views. Notable mountain peaks include Mount Wilson, which you might recognize from the label on a bottle of Coors. And on the clearest of days, expect to be able to peer into Utah, as the La Sal Range becomes visible from afar.

For those who like fall hiking trails for taking in the beautiful scenery, a trip to Ice Lake is a must. This 7-mile roundtrip hike starts off of the road leading up to Clear Lake and will see you climbing over 2400 feet of elevation gain. Fortunately, the incredible views from start to finish create the feeling that you’re not really hiking at all. And once you’ve reached your destination–the stunning aquamarine alpine lake nestled in a mountain basin–it becomes clear why this was such a good idea in the first place.

From Telluride to Ouray to Silverton, we help you map out the perfect route for a fall day in the Rockies. So, bring your camera, bring your sweaters and boots, check the trail conditions, and bring your swimsuit–the perfect fall day is waiting for you right here in Southwest Colorado.


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