FAQs: Off-Road Vehicle Rental Questions

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Yes. We allow our vehicles to be driven on off-road trails recognized in the U.S. Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs). When you rent a Jeep, remember to “tread lightly” and “stay the trail” to respect the wilderness and avoid USFS fines for illegal motorized travel.
Currently there are two prohibited trails, even for our off-road rentals. Due to the high number of rollover accidents and potential for damage, our vehicles may not be driven on Black Bear Pass or Poughkeepsie Gulch in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
Call and ask to speak with one of our trail guides and we will be happy to help you plan a route and to learn about operating the off-road vehicles we offer. In summer, we also provide a basic map of trails in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This map is placed inside each vehicle and we can also email you a copy ahead of time. We do not provide maps of other trail systems in Colorado at this time. However, there are ample resources for trail information online and topographic maps may be purchased at many retailers in Colorado’s mountain towns. We also recommend that you download an app on your smartphone such as OnX Offroad or GAIA GPS. Apps like these are helpful as they allow you to download a map of the region and your location can be tracked in the app, even when you do not have cellular service.
You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license to rent a Jeep from us.
72 hours notice to avoid a charge. You may cancel your reservation and avoid a charge or receive a full refund if you email your request to cancel to sales@drivediff.com at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time of your rental. We do not accept cancellation requests over the phone or by text, as email documentation for cancellation requests is easier to track and manage. If you do not cancel by email request at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time of your rental, we will charge the credit or debit card used to secure the reservation for one day of rental charges. 
$500 per rented vehicle. Within 24 hours of the rental start time, we will initiate an Authorization Hold on your debit or credit card equal to $500 per vehicle rented. This is to cover possible additional charges allowed in accordance with the Rental Agreement such as charges for damage, pet hair, cleaning, smoking, late returns, and refueling. Assuming there are no additional charges due after the vehicle is returned, the Authorization Hold will promptly be released after the vehicle is inspected and it may take a few days for the funds to become available again on your account. 
The primary driver is required to provide proof of valid drivers license, proof of full coverage auto insurance (liability, comprehensive, & collision), to electronically sign the Rental Agreement, and to make payment using a credit or debit card that matches the driver’s name stated on the Rental Agreement. Additional drivers are required to sign the Rental Agreement, provide proof of valid drivers license, and provide proof of full coverage auto insurance. We prefer to receive these items electronically and prior to the day your rental starts. 
We require a credit or debit card to secure a reservation. We also send you a link to make payment online and at your convenience. Payment is due 24 hours prior to the rental start time and if not paid by this time, we will charge the credit or debit card used to secure the reservation. 
We allow pets. However, we recommend that you do not bring a pet on an off-road trip. Our experience is that many pets do not like traveling in a vehicle over rough off-road terrain and that some pets get ill riding in a vehicle under these conditions. Removing pet hair from the carpets and seats in our vehicles can be challenging and time consuming for our staff. Most customers do not have access to the proper cleaning equipment or do not want to take the time to adequately remove all pet hair, dirt, and debris prior to returning the vehicle. Should you decide to transport a pet inside the Vehicle, a cleaning fee starting at $30 will likely be assessed. 
We are a year-round rental operation and believe that hard top Jeep models make the most sense in Colorado due to the colder climate you may experience at elevation and our long winters. However, for summer we remove the hard roof panels on our Jeeps commonly known as freedom panels. We then install the Sunrider by Bestop, which creates a retractable top over the front row.
Yes, in Telluride / Mountain Village. No for all other locations. In Telluride / Mountain Village, we ask you to refill the gas tank and to run the vehicle through the automatic car wash located at the Conoco Station located at 100 Society Dr in Telluride. This is the only public car wash in the area. We primarily park our vehicles in Mountain Village at the Gondola Parking Garage, and it takes us about 45 minutes to take a vehicle to the car wash and back. This policy is helpful due to the limited staffing resources available in the area and often tight turnarounds between rentals. However, since we pride ourselves on service and know you may be on vacation, we offer a wash and refuel service for a fee in Telluride / Mountain Village. This can be purchased when booking online.