Rugged Rentals To Consider for Your CO Off-Road Trip

Rugged Rentals To Consider for Your CO Off-Road Trip

Explore untamed Colorado in a durable, well-equipped rental vehicle. Book a reliable rig if you’re taking a family trip, venturing with friends, or going solo. Learn more about rugged rentals to consider for your Colorado off-road trip.

Bronco Badlands

This four-wheel drive, four-door rig comfortably seats five people. Front and rear-locking differentials lock the axles to send all of the torque to the wheels with traction. Thanks to the locking differentials, you’ll spend less time spinning your wheels and more time trudging forward.

The stabilizer bar disconnect feature allows you to detach the front stabilizer bar for off-road use. The Bronco Badlands edition has improved off-road capabilities thanks to increased front wheel articulation.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Jeep Wranglers are among the most popular off-road vehicles. If you want an upgraded experience, consider the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

This four-wheel drive vehicle has four doors and seats five people. Suspension upgrades, all-terrain tires, and the Rock-Trac system make this vehicle ideal for rough trails.

The Rock-Trac system delivers torque so the vehicle can easily ascend and descend sharp inclines and crawl over large obstacles. When booking with Diff., choose the lifted Rubicon with 35-inch tires for greater ground clearance.

Jeep Wrangler Sport

Another rugged rental to consider for your Colorado off-road trip is the Jeep Wrangler Sport. Diff. Jeep Rental offers the two-door Sport with four seats or the four-door Unlimited Sport with five seats.

You can fold the seats down for 56.6 cubic feet of cargo space in the two-door model. Leave the seats up for 12.8 cubic feet of space. The four-door option offers more room. Fold the seats down for 70.6 cubic feet of space, or leave them up for 31.5 cubic feet.

The four-door weighs about 200 pounds more than the two-door, so the suspension is slightly different. It has a more stable base for climbing up steep hills. The two-door’s shorter wheelbase allows it to turn more tightly and maneuver narrow trails more easily.

The best vehicle depends on your adventure. Ouray, Colorado is a must-see location for outdoors enthusiasts. Relax in the natural hot springs, hike down Box Canyon Falls, and drive the network of old mining routes.

Explore all these sites and more with an Ouray 4X4 rental from Diff! Book your vehicle today to enjoy unlimited miles and exceptional customer service during your trip.


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