The Best Off-Road Trails in Grand Junction, CO

The Best Off-Road Trails in Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction’s variety of off-road trails covers rocky and lush landscapes that any outdoor enthusiast would love to experience. Whether you’re a novice off-road driver or have more experience, this region has something for everyone. Read to find out the best off-road trails in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Grand Mesa: Lands End Loop

Drive this beautiful trail up to the top of the Grand Mesa, the largest flat-top mountain in the world. Some sections of the trail are paved, but you’ll be driving on a dirt trail for most of it.

Most people consider this an easy trail, though some portions are a bit narrow. So if you come across a vehicle driving in the opposite direction, you will have to proceed carefully. However, whether you’re looking for a simple or challenging trail to drive, you can’t beat the views from the top.

Bangs Canyon

If you want a trail that includes more challenges, consider Bangs Canyon, one of the best moderately difficult off-road trails in Grand Junction, Colorado. This trail loop includes Tabeguache Trail, Windmill Road, and Third Flats Road. You’ll drive over ledges, rocks, sandy areas, and painted trail markings.

This trail gives you beautiful sights and moderate obstacles you can have fun navigating. You’ll drive by the Gunnison River and Billings Canyon Trail, an extremely difficult trail that only the most prepared and experienced attempt.

Leon Lake

See some of the best that Colorado has to offer when you drive the Leon Lake trail between Cedaredge and Vega Reservoir in the Grand Mesa National Forest. In the middle of your journey, you’ll drive on a bumpy trail, but you’ll have a gentle ride overall.

The center of the trail winds through an expanse of open, lush Colorado wilderness. And the trail ends surrounded by aspen trees.

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area

Just northeast of Grand Junction, you’ll find the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area. This range of over 36,000 acres is primarily a wild horse habitat, though it’s also home to plenty of other wildlife, such as elk, quail, hares, mountain lions, and bobcats.

Drive the easy dirt roads and watch for free-roaming horses. Bring plenty of snacks and water, and don’t forget your binoculars.

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