What To Do on a Weekend Trip in Ouray, CO

What To Do on a Weekend Trip in Ouray, CO

Ouray, Colorado, is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Situated in a steep valley of the San Juan Mountains, natural gems surround this charming town, earning it the nickname the “Switzerland of America.” Here are some activities you can do on a weekend trip in Ouray, CO.

Relax in a Hot Spring

Hot springs are the highlight of an Ouray trip for many. The hot springs are sulfur-free, so they don’t have a pungent odor, and temperatures range from 75 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pools are rich in minerals that can alleviate muscle pain, arthritis, and more. You can’t miss Ouray’s hot springs, whether you’re taking a family trip, traveling solo, or on a romantic retreat.

Drive the Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is a section of US Route 550 between Ouray and the historic mining town of Silverton, Colorado. The road winds through rugged mountains, revealing awe-inspiring views of mountain peaks, valleys, and gorges.

Those from Ouray and Silverton say the name comes from the cost of building the road: one million dollars per mile. Now, visitors can enjoy this mountain pass as one of the most scenic drives in the country and one of the best ways to experience the raw beauty of southwest Colorado.

Explore Box Canyon Falls

Another fun activity to enjoy on a weekend trip in Ouray, Colorado, is exploring Box Canyon Falls, also called Box Cañon Falls. A box canyon has nearly vertical sides and a flat bottom, creating an impressive setting. The waterfall spills thousands of gallons of water every minute into a narrow gorge.

After seeing the waterfall, explore Box Canyon Falls Park. You can picnic, hike, and sightsee along three trails ranging from easy to moderately difficult.

A weekend trip to Ouray promises a mix of adventure and relaxation in an idyllic setting. Plan your visit with Ouray Jeep rentals from Diff.


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